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Can medical stockings sleep at night?

Nov 28, 2017

First of all, medical stockings socks can not wear sleep at night, must be off.

Medical Stockings Socks Daytime wear is because varicose veins of patients with venous valve failure can not play a normal job, can not let the blood of the lower limbs to return to the heart for a long time to cause varicose veins. Only through the pressure of varicose socks to promote the ankle blood through the calf, thigh back to the heart so that the blood stasis in the lower limbs can be normal circulation.

At night when the human body in a state of balance, in the state of relaxation, the body does not need to rely on any external blood can be normal circulation, so there is no need to wear varicose socks at night. If you put on varicose socks, but speed up the circulation of Russian blood, so that the heart can not bear the burden, the body is not healthy. So through the above reasons can not wear varicose socks at night.

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