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How to choose the appropriate medical stockings?

Nov 28, 2017

(1), pressure selection

Medical Stockings First-class pressure (pressure value: 20-30mmhg): prevention-suitable for varicose veins early patients, such as: red blood in the legs, no obvious curvature, sedentary or long standing legs have acid swelling phenomenon, no edema;

Medical Stockings Two-level pressure (pressure value: 30-40mmhg): Treatment-suitable for lower limbs have obvious curved and accompanied by leg discomfort, such as: The LEG has a clear bulge or edema phenomenon, and varicose veins postoperative patients;

Medical Stockings Three level pressure (pressure value: 40-50mmhg): Treatment-suitable for lower limbs height swelling, ulcers, skin change and hard, eczema and other patients, such as pigmentation, skin, skin dry, lymphedema and other phenomena;

(2), Style choice

Medical stockings divided into the tube socks, stockings, pantyhose (one-legged socks, the price is relatively expensive), if the patient is only below the knee with varicose veins, wearing a middle stockings can also choose a long or even trousers, if the patient's knee above the site also has symptoms, need to wear a long or even trousers-type stockings.

(3), size selection

According to the circumference of the leg data to choose the size: to measure the ankle (foot neck) The most detailed perimeter, the thickest circumference of the calf belly, the maximum circumference of the thigh three circumference, and then the size of the table to determine the appropriate size.

(4), the choice of brand

The Medical Stockings brand has the difference of import and homebred, relatively imported medical stockings pressure value precision (such as Germany Maddie, Taiwan Shurme, Swiss silk, etc.), for the imported medical Stockings brand, Taiwan's Shure mainly around the body characteristics of Asian people tailor-made, higher cost-effective.