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Processing of dressings

Nov 28, 2017

Principles of preparation of dressings

1, dressings used absorbent cotton or gauze made. Dressing quality According to the use of choice, such as square gauze, long gauze with the general gauze, gauze strips with thin gauze, drainage strips with gauze or thin gauze.

2, the packing should not be too large to avoid long-term pollution. After sterilization, the dressing should be stored in the ventilated and dry place, and the order of disinfection and sterilization should be arranged and marked.

Dressing Processing method

1. Gauze type

(1) square gauze: used to cover wounds and so on.

① generous yarn: Take 21cm*32cm gauze, fold into 8cm*8cm.

② Small square Yarn: take 16cm*22cm gauze, fold into 6cm*6cm.

(2) Yarn ball: For a variety of scrub and so on. Take 32cm*16cm gauze, fold into strips, roll into 4cm*5cm yarn ball.

(3) Drainage: For a variety of wound drainage, take 0.5cm, 1cm, 2cm wide gauze belt or thin gauze, remove the edge of the drainage strip of broken yarn, fan folding, each paper packaging, and labeled.

(4) Vaseline gauze, gauze strip: Used to protect skin and wound drainage. Remove the yarn from the edges of the gauze or gauze strips, and fold the edges into the inside, folding the dressings and placing them in the box. Pour in the dissolved Vaseline and spare after sterilization by high-pressure steam.