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Scars are hard to remove? Uncover the best way to scar!

Nov 28, 2017

1, topical drug smear removal of surgical scar

Scar ointment can be classified as a common moisturizer, with steroid-free anti-inflammatory ointment, a silicone-like moisturizing cream, and to dilute pigmentation of the melanin ointment. Scar since the wound is the normal association of fibrous tissue, so can not be avoided in any wound formation and exist, outside the ointment coated in the scar, only limited to moisturizing and softening connective tissue, dilute pigment and other mild effects, thus improving the appearance of the scar.

2, Silicone patch therapy to remove surgical scars

The silicone patch is externally affixed to hyperplastic scar parts, has the effect of preventing and curing scar hyperplasia, the scar surface uses the self-adhesive silicon film, may cause the scar surface water evaporation to drop, the scar organization hydration effect increases, causes the scar surface water-soluble protein and the various water soluble inflammatory protein mixture's permeability to increase, So that these water-soluble proteins in the skin surface diffusion, interstitial water soluble protein and product reduction, fluid pressure drop, promote scar maturation, soften flattening, make scar tissue color light and close to the natural color.

3, radiation therapy to remove surgical scars

Suitable for small area of surgical scar, can carry on the shallow level X-ray radiation treatment, generally needs about 5 times.

4. Removal of scar from surgical scar by simple excision

This method is suitable for the small area of the scar, the direct excision of the scar, and then the small needle suture.