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Silicone is selected as smart scar care mat

Nov 28, 2017

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) designed a "smart" scar care pad for strengthening the dual function of stress and occlusion to treat hypertrophic scars of burns, surgery and trauma.

Compared with conventional pressure pads and silicon films, the inventor of the mat thinks it has both advantages.

It is reported that in clinical trials, the reduction of pigmentation and vascular distribution, improve elasticity and prevent dehydration performance is good. PolyU says patients report more durable and friendlier than traditional pads (polyethylene foam). At the 45th International Invention Conference in Geneva in 2017, the selection team won the award and the gold medal.

Burns, surgery and trauma can cause wounds to the body's skin. Delaying wound healing can lead to hypertrophic scar formation, which may cause aesthetic problems and cause serious deformities, leading to dysfunction. Pressure treatment is the first-line non-invasive treatment of hypertrophic scar. Pressure clothing and pressure pads made of polyethylene foam are usually used by therapists. However, the manager said, wearing uncomfortable, often not durable to maintain scar pressure.

PolyU Department of Rehabilitation Sciences Professor Li Pei designed an intelligent scar care mat designed to combine stress treatment with silicone gel on scar therapy. It is made up of silica gel reinforcement and medical grade silicon film. Silica gel is made from silicone rubber. Its smooth side is attached to the silicone film to moisturize the scar. The other side of the silicone reinforcing piece is characterized by a circular silicone stud that can be adjusted to a curved or flat skin surface to provide uniform pressure under elastic bandages or under pressure clothing.