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Silicone Scar paste Pressure therapy scar repair

Nov 28, 2017

After injury will often scar on the skin surface, scar repair can try to use silicone scar paste pressure therapy, the scar repair method confirmed that the effect of 1982 Enkins found that silicone has to prevent the role of scar hyperplasia, The late 1980s Quinn further confirmed that different brands of silicone products have promoted scar softening, reduce the role of hyperemia symptoms. Therefore, the expert uses the biological effect of silica gel material, on the hyperplastic scar to give the silicone pressure scar repair, its scar repair effect is more obvious than the simple pressure therapy. Silicone pressure equipment According to Scar friends tailor-made, so for such as Nasolabial Groove, Canthus and other parts can also be very good to give appropriate pressure scar repair, thus overcoming the previous elastic sleeve to the Depression, soft parts do not reach the required pressure and lead to scar repair poor efficacy.

Burns, trauma caused by a larger area of skin damage after treatment will often leave scars, scars in the hidden part of the impact is not small, but once appear in the face will have to be cured. Facial scar hyperplasia affect scar friend appearance, scar hyperplasia caused by pain, itching, burning sensation troubled scar friends, in the psychological and physiological aspects of scar friends to bring pain, severe scar friends and even lose the confidence to return to the family and society.

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