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Advantage And Instructions Of The Medial Skin Stretching And Secure Wound-closure Device

Jan 12, 2018

Compared with current sewing closure, stapler closure, glue closure, strip closure and zipper closure, the medial skin stretching and secure wound-closure device has the features as stitch-free suture, bidirectional stretching, reversable adjustment, relief tension, and aesthetics in wound healing. Besides, it possesses such advantages as not being limited with wound shapes and sizes, reducing the risk of wound infection, not invading into the body, free of local anesthesia, reducing the wound scars, free of stitches, simple and time-saving treatment after operation, complete suture, etc.

Here are directions for clinical use of it:

1. Open the package, deal with the wound and try to keep the edge of wound clean, dry and free of grease;

2. pinch the two straps of the device with hands and strip away it from the bottom plate;

3. precisely stick the adhesive tapes on the two ends of the pull buckle of the device to the two ends of edges of the wound;

4. gently touch the tapes with fingers;

5. according to the size of the wound, stick the devices one by one, the distance of each device is 2mm to 3mm;

6. pinch the ends of straps of the device and strain the straps to the horizontal direction;

7. if needing adjustment, gently lift up the switch knob, and reversely adjust it to make edges of the wound closed perfectly;

8. cut the redundant straps and complete the suturing process.

Medical skin stretching and secure wound-closure system, Preventing scars prior to wound healing process!