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Features Of Scar Removal Gel

Dec 13, 2017

1. Our Scarnos Scar Gel carries the transparent, self-drying 100% silicone gel designed to improve the appearance of scars and prevent abnormal or excessive scar formation.

2. The elegant, transparent gel offers convenient application for custom scar prevention and treatment that can begin the moment a wound has healed or sutures are removed.

3. Results can be seen in as little as two to three weeks; full results may be seen in 60-90 for new scars and 90 days or more for older scars.

4. for the treatment and prevention of abnormal scars of various sizes and locations, including hypertrophic (red andraised) and keloid scars.

5. Effective on old and new scars.

6. Silicone Gel dries within minutes forming a flexible, breathable, waterproof sheet over the affected area.

7. Clinically proven to soften and flatten raised scars, reduce redness and discoloration, as well as relieve associated itch and pain.

8. Acts like a second layer of skin,providing 24-hour efficacy.

9. Odorless, transparent, breathable and lightweight; suitable for all ages and skin types, including children and those with sensitive skin.

10. Over 80% of patients rated Scarnos effectiveness as good/very good on a wide range of scars.

11. Ideal for scars of various sizes, shapes, and locations.

12. Easy and convenient twice daily application. Once dry, sunscreen and makeup can be applied.