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Features Of Scar Removal Sheet

Dec 28, 2017

Features of scar removal sheet:

1. Developed by doctors for use in hospitals and clinics, Scarnos Beige Scar Sheets are specially formulated medical grade silicone gel sheeting, clinically proven to reduce, flatten, fade and smooth scars--both old and new.

2. Scarnos Beige Scar Sheet offers a safe, effective, non-invasive method to manage and improve scars.

3. Scarnos Beige Scar Sheet works through a combination of occlusion (seals the scar from exposure to air/bacteria), hydration, elevated skin temperature and continuous light pressure.

4. Positive results can be seen in as little as 3 weeks.

5. Works on a wide variety of scars, both old and new.

6. Beige Backing is thinner and slightly more comfortable than clear backing. Clear backing is thicker and more comfortable. - ----- Both are equally effective.

7. Contains no latex.

Size: Each package contains one 3*4 or 6*8or 12*15 or 3*40 cm scar sheet. It can be cut with a clean household scissors to accommodate most C-section incision scars. Other sizes available for customers.