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How To Choose Medical Compression Stocking

Nov 28, 2017

The strong pressure is the medical stockings distinguishes between the ordinary stockings the biggest characteristic. It will be the bottom-up gradient pressure on the muscle tissue, and then with the help of muscle tissue to pass the pressure to the veins, promote venous blood reflux, improve congestion symptoms, thus achieving therapeutic purposes.

In fact, in addition to the patients with obvious symptoms of varicose veins should be used, those who saw "small earthworm" climbed the leg, but not feel uncomfortable, or only the pain of acid and other mild symptoms can be used. Because medical stockings to alleviate symptoms, slow or hinder the further development of the disease has a good effect.

Women are also prone to varicose veins during pregnancy, and stockings can alleviate their pain to some extent. Other people who need to stand for long periods of time may also wear medical stockings to prevent varicose veins.