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Maintenance Method Of Medical Compression Stocking

Nov 28, 2017

The best time to wear a progressive decompression stockings is when you get up in the morning, because the swelling has not yet occurred when the vascular system in the leg is in the most functional state.

1. One hand into the socks, pinch the socks head within two inches of the area, the other hand socks turn to socks.

2. Turn the vast majority of socks over and over, so that the feet can easily reach the sock head.

3. Two-handed thumb support in the inside of the sock, four fingers to grasp the socks, the foot into the socks, both hands to the outside of the thumb to tighten the socks, four fingers and the thumb to the ankle to pull the socks, and put the socks in the correct position.

4. Turn the socks back into the legs and pull up and put the socks on the Chancheng.

Special attention should be paid to wear or remove stockings, do not let the drill or long nails scratching stockings.

Please cut your hands and feet nail, in the dry season to prevent the heel skin crack, avoid scratching stockings. In addition, often check whether the shoe is flat, to prevent debris caused by stockings unnecessary wear, prolong the service life. Wash with neutral detergent in warm water, do not wring dry, squeeze or use a dry towel to absorb excess moisture, dry in the shade, do not put in the sun or artificial heat source under drying or baking. Any high-quality products, only careful care can prolong its service life, to achieve the best use effect.