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Product Description For Wound Closure Device

Dec 20, 2017

Key Specifications Features:

Product description:

Huibo wound closure device is a non-invasive, single-use suture that employs non-latex, breathable, hypoallergenic, pressure-sensitive medical adhesive that is joined together by a polypropylene closure device, DermaClipTM non-invasive suture employs patented proprietary technology to evert skin edges for optimal healing and cosmetic closure

Consist of medical tape, PP pull buckle and separating paper base plate, it is used for treatment of epidermal closure of the wound for the body surface surgery


Indications for use:

Huibo wound closure device is intended for use as either stand-alone, non-invasive suture devices for lacerations and single layer incisions and/or as the final skin closure for deep wounds or surgical incisions requiring multiple layer closure


Product features:

Eversion suture of skin can be easily realized

Can reduce the risk of infection

Can minimize the healing scar

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