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The Applicable Population Of Medical Compression Stocking

Nov 28, 2017

1. Standing for a long time: teachers, traffic policemen, shopping guides, beautician, doctors, nurses, etc.

2, long-time sit-in: It people, white-collar workers, civil servants and other office workers-long standing or sit down: because of muscle fatigue and gravity reasons, resulting in leg blood reflux, increased blood viscosity leads to lower extremity venous disease.

3, pregnant women, long-term use of contraceptives-pregnancy hormone changes in the body, blood volume increased by more than 20%; fetal and enlarged uterine compression pelvic vein and iliac vein, gestational weight gain, leg vein pressure increase

Large, resulting in poor blood reflux, leading to lower extremity venous disease.

4, frequent business trip, by plane, long-distance car crowd, stewardess economy cabin syndrome

5, obese people--due to blood cholesterol and high blood lipids, viscosity increased, combined with excessive weight makes venous blood difficult to return to the heart, leading to lower extremity venous disease.

6. Patients with venous diseases of the lower limbs--because the veins are already in a state of disease--must be treated to improve, otherwise the condition will continue to develop.

7, deep venous thrombosis in the lower limbs-after major surgery, malignant tumor, hemiplegia, women and parturient in the late period of pregnancy, patients with lower extremity fractures, patients with severe infection, the elderly and so on.