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The Role Of Medical Compression Stocking

Nov 28, 2017

1. Restores the function after the lower extremity vein operation. Prevention and treatment of varicose veins recurrence.

2. Eliminate all kinds of postoperative edema, promote wound healing.

3. The elimination of varicose veins, lower extremity venous blood reflux disorder caused by swelling, soreness, so that the skin hardening gradually better, ulcer skin healing. A tortuous vein that turns the curvature of the warp back to its original state.

4. Prevention of deep venous thrombosis in lower limbs in bedridden patients.

5. To eliminate the lower extremity edema of pregnant women, prevent the production of lower extremity varicose veins and deep venous thrombosis.

6. Prevention of economic cabin syndrome by air travellers.

7. For long standing, sitting, heavy manual labor can reduce the lower extremity acid swelling discomfort to prevent varicose veins.

8. For the beauty of the people. Medical stockings At the same time also has the shape of the legs of the function, to avoid the legs of the fat loose collapse down, and even a certain thin leg effect.