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The Treatment Principle Of Medical Compression Stocking

Nov 28, 2017

Progressive Decompression Stockings is a product with the function of promoting venous blood reflux of the lower limbs, which is made up of DuPont Lycra and nylon filament. Stockings in the most need of pressure of the ankle part to give a strong support pressure, along the leg upward gradually diminishing. In the calf to the maximum pressure value of 70%-90%, at the thigh to reduce to the maximum pressure value of the 25%-45%.

This unique design allows the blood to keep pulsing and looping, as if "a second heart" is working. During non-surgical treatment, the use of progressive decompression stockings, with external pressure to counteract various causes of the increased venous pressure, to reduce the diameter of the excessive dilated lower extremity veins. With the support of stockings, the venous valve system will begin to work again, with no further congestion in the lower limbs. Further, idiopathic capillary dilation (spider-like veins) and varicose veins can also reduce or even complete prevention, reducing the risk of thrombosis or embolism. Metabolic improvements can also help prevent and treat lower extremity eczema and ulcers. External pressure can also reduce extravasation of tissue fluids. Thus preventing the further development of edema. In addition to varicose veins, lower extremity lymphedema, lower extremity deep venous thrombosis and other patients also need to wear progressive decompression stockings. Therefore, in vascular surgery, the use of stockings is an important and effective means of treatment, in many treatment methods, varicose veins stockings is the most safe and convenient, economical and practical method.